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No Exercise, No Life


Accredited Exercise Scientist (Exercise and Sports Science Australia)

Bachelor of Sport and Exercise Science (University of Technology Sydney)

Semi-professional Footballer (Gladesville Ryde Magic FC)


As a professional trainer, my mission is to guide you towards a healthier life. Our bodies are unique with their own strengths and weaknesses. We create a plan that fits your body type, schedule, and most importantly, your fitness goals. My goal is not only to transform your body, but to guide you in making the right health choices.

​Main training content

*Changes and additions may be made at any time according to individual training goals.


HIIT training

HIIT training not only burns calories more efficiently than aerobic exercise, but it also offers a wide range of benefits in our lives, such as improving heart health, maintaining muscle mass, and increasing strength and endurance.


Strength training

Strength training not only increases muscle strength and raises basal metabolism to make it difficult to gain weight, but also increases bone density by placing a load on the bones, improves poor blood circulation, improves the quality of sleep, relieves stress, etc. It has a tremendously positive effect on our lives.


​Balance training

Balance training is mainly useful to prevent accidental falls and to perform correct movements even when the body is out of balance. This is not only for athletes and children, but also helps prevent injuries caused by falls, which increases with age. You can also expect to improve your posture by strengthening your core.

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